• SPCA Salutes Puffin Patrol!2014-09-18

    Every night, puffins wander out onto the highway on the Southern Shore. Many of them would be killed - except for the Puffin Patrol. These citizen  volunteers collect the puffins, keep them until daylight, and then release them to live another day! These people also help scientists by banding the animals and providing the count for statistical purposes. Should the weather not be suitable for release –too windy or too much kelp on shore that could get the birds tangled, for example – local tour boats bring the volunteers and the puffins out onto the ocean so the birds can be released safely. And, to help prevent the puffins from being attracted to the roadway by lights from houses, citizens of Witless  Bay dim their outdoor lighting . SO, a great big SPCA SALUTE  to the Puffin Patrol and the citizens of Witless Bay!

  • Message From The Board Of Directors2014-09-20

    It's been reported in the media that the SPCA St.John's charitable status has been revoked. We currently are undergoing a review of our charitable status with the Canada Revenue Agency and we want to give you an update.

    As a result of various changes at the SPCA (Board, Staff, mailing address, etc.) and a clerical error at the Federal Charities Directorate, our annual T3010 document missed the deadline for reporting to the Charities Directorate for the 2012 fiscal year. As a result, our Charitable Status has been temporarily suspended. We have since provided the required documents to the Charities Directorate and are awaiting the review process which they indicate will be completed by the end of October. When the charitable status has been reinstated, tax receipts will be issued retroactively to the date of suspension.

    Our monthly donors have been notified of this and we are now sharing the update with our other supporters.
    Our shelter sees approximately 1,700 animals each year and we'd like to take this opportunity to update you on some of the work happening with the SPCA, made possible in part by your donations, volunteering, fostering and other supports.  
    - as of April 2014, we formalized our partnership for vet services with the CBS Vet clinic and now all animals adopted through our shelter will be spayed/neutered prior to adoption. This includes kittens and puppies as the clinic does pediatric surgeries as well.This is a major step for our shelter and we hope will mean increased adoptions and reduce pet overpopulation
    - euthanasia continues to be on the decrease. In 2011 we had a 55% euthanization rate that dropped to just over 20% in 2013. Currently we are at 4.5% for dogs and 17% for cats and have not euthanized due to space during the very busy kitten season this year.

    - expenditures of more than $85,000 on community assistance spay/neuter initiatives through donor funds and a grant from PetSmart Charities, between 2011 and 2013


    - shelter staff have been trained to provide vaccinations on intake of new animals, greatly reducing the occurrence and severity of URIs (cat flu). We've also increased our focus life enrichment in further attempts to reduce illness and stress.
    - launch of the Pet Pals kids program, targeting kids aged 5-10 yrs and providing activities and education to promote future responsible pet owners

    - launch of a shelter dog walking program that includes basic obedience training, offered through partnership with a local dog trainer. We have also developed a dog assessment process that provides milestones for addressing progress with behaviour and health issues to increase adoption successes
    - plans finalized for a dog "park" area on the shelter property to provide further training, socialization and activity space for our dogs
    - continue to work with the provincial SPCA NL network to advocate for rights to enforce the current Act, as the Act does not allow legal authority for the SPCA to take action in cases of alleged animal cruelty and neglect as was in place in the former Act

    We thank you for your continued support.
    Simone Browne

  • SPCA NL Annual General Meeting2014-10-27

    The Newfoundland and Labrador Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


    will be held in St. John’s, NL on Saturday, November 8, 2014 Meeting to commence at 1:00 pm

    Foran Room, City Hall, 10 New Gower Street


    Hosted by the St. John’s SPCA

    All are welcome!

    Only members in good standing for 6 months are entitled to vote

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