Animal Welfare and Protection


We depend upon and appreciate your assistance in reporting cases of animal cruelty.


With the diligence of the public, the SPCA is able to help.


Please see the following information about reporting cases relating to animals in distress.


How do I report a case of animal cruelty or neglect?


Please call the SPCA’s main line, 726-0301, and choose option “0”. An operator from our 24-hour message service will take details of your complaint and notify the appropriate person. Your call may remain anonymous if preferred and all information reported will be kept confidential.

Please provide the operator with a description of the animal, the address of the residence in questions and as many details about the owner and the animal’s situation as possible.

What kind of information is useful to us?

1. Your name and contact information which will be remain confidential.

2. The name of the community and street address where the incident has occurred. If reporting a case in a small community without street signsor numbers, or you think the address may be difficult to find, please leave us information like the color and type of house or any recognizable l andmark nearby, or the type of vehicle in the driveway. With a good detailed description the better we can respond to your concern.

3. The name of those responsible for the animal(s) whose welfare is in question.

4. The number of animals affected and their breeds.

5. A good description of the animal's condition.

6. The period of time in which the animal has been in the described situation. For example, a puppy has been out in -10 degrees Celsius for four hours without shelter or the owner moved away two days ago and no one has been feeding the animal.

What does the law require?

The Animal Protection Act and the Criminal Code of Canada section 446 addresses the provincial and federal laws respectively in regard to

animals. You can access a condensed version of the Animal Protection Act below.

Who addresses these complaints of animal cruelty or neglect?

While the SPCA is currently taking calls for all reports in regards to animals in distress, awe do not currently have Special Constables appointed to the SPCA. However, the government has begun a program of training for those who are interested in being an Inspector/Special Constable.

At this time we are relying upon the RCMP, other animal organizations, town and city animal control sectors, and our volunteers to investigate calls of distress but hope this will soon change as more individuals become trained and available to help our cause. We respond to concerns and complaints expressed to us as quickly as possible in areas covering the entire Avalon Peninsula.

Please read the simplified version of the Animal Protection Act.

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