Wish List

Every year, at our shelter alone, we go through tons of supplies in order to keep the shelter clean, and keep our animals well fed and cared for.

Ever wonder exactly how much food and litter we use in one year? Here are the numbers:

294 bags of dog food or 5,295 kg of dog food

147 boxes of dog treats

1,548 bags of dry cat and kitten food

1,548 bags of litter or 15,480 kg of litter

6,195 cans of wet food

We graciously accept donations of pet food, blankets, toys, and many other goods to help offset the costs to keeping the shelter stocked.

Take a look at our wishlist or let us do the shopping and donate now [LINK] to help with shelter operations! 


Cat Food:                                                                                      Dog Food:                                             For Young Kittens & Puppies:         


Dry - Whiskas, Friskies and Cat/Kitten Chow,Iams Dry Kitten          Purina PuppyChow                                 Cannedmilk                                     
Canned- Whiskas, Friskies and Fancy Feast                                   Pedigree Adult                                        Beef/Chicken broth baby food            
Nine Lives Tuna                                                                            Treats                                                    Minute Rice                                      
Treats                                                                                                                                                        Rice cereal                                        


Other:                                                                                                                        Cleaning Supplies:                                   Office Supplies:


Monetary Donations                                                                      Javex/Bleach                                           Photo copy paper
Canadian Tire Money
                                                                    Mr. Clean or other all-purpose cleaners       File folders
Litter Scoops
                                                                                Dish detergent                                         Labels
Blankets and towels
                                                                      Laundry detergent                                    Pens
Pet toys (New or used)
                                                                  Paper towels                                           Loose leaf paper
Collars & leashes
                                                                          Mops & buckets                                      Staplers

                                                                                                   Brooms & dust pans                                 Liquid paper

                                                                                                   Air fresheners                                          Envelopes