Our Adoption & Resource Centre takes in cats and dogs that fall into three categories:

  1. Owner Surrenders
  2. Abandoned Animals
  3. Stray Animals

The intake process for each type of animal is slightly different, so please read below to make sure you’re following the proper procedures for the animal you wish to bring in to us.

Owner Surrenders

If you’re no longer able to care for your animal, we may be able to help. Please follow these steps:
Call (709) 726-0301 ext. 101 to tell us about your pet. The more information you provide us, the better chance we’ll have of finding your pet a suitable new home.

You will be given a date and time to bring your pet into our centre. We have a limited number of kennels on site. This is why we take owner surrenders by appointment only.

Kindly note that we ask for a $30 surrender fee. This fee will go directly towards caring for your surrendered pet and the other animals in our care.

Please note: the SPCA St. John’s is a non-judgemental space. We understand that circumstances arise where you may no longer be able to provide your pet with the care you once could. We want to work with you to make sure your pet’s transition into our system is a smooth one.

Please do not leave your pet at our Adoption & Resource Centre after hours. This is not only illegal, but it is also extremely unsafe for your pet.