Frequently Asked Questions

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I want to get a cat buddy for my current cat, but I’ve heard that not all cats get along. Is that true?

Cat friendships take time to develop. You can increase the chances of a beautiful friendship by introducing your cats slowly, and starting with scent first. Click here to read our step-by-step guide to introducing cats.

Should I declaw my cat?

We highly recommend that you don’t! Declawing a cat is the equivalent of amputating a human hand from the knuckles to the fingertips. This can cause serious behaviour problems throughout the cat’s lifetime. Cats without claws know they are unequipped to deal with stressful situations and environments. Because they can’t scratch, they are more likely to bite – and cat bites can be very toxic! Nail caps are a humane way to keep cat claws under control. Treating your cat respectfully (ie. knowing their boundaries) can keep them from scratching you or other humans in the first place.

How can I keep my cat from scratching my furniture?

Cats need to scratch – it’s an instinct, and it’s how they leave their scent to mark their territory. But you can keep them away from your furniture by providing them with their own things to scratch. Invest in a scratching post, or provide them with some cardboard. Cats create associations, so help them create positive ones with their designated scratching areas. Show them extra attention (and perhaps give them a treat!) when they scratch where you want them to scratch. Rub their scratching posts in catnip to make these places extra-enticing!