Board of Directors

Lisa Inder

Richard Baker

Ken Reid

Monica Hicks

Amanda Buis

Glenda Howse

Lori Foote

Metzi Prince

Ray Piercey

Carolyn Hickey

Bob Noseworthy

Simone Browne

Full-Time Staff

Jarrett Murphy

Tina Bankovic

Amy Vincent

Sydney Tars

Carley Fox

Alex Stephens

Abby Ryan

Heidi Peddle

Brittany Victorino

Marie Duke

Michael Austin

Manda Xebeche

Part-Time Staff

Jane Higgins

Heather Snook

Karen Gosse

Corina Prince

Good Stewards of Funds

Good Stewards of Funds: 97% of our funding comes from donations and fundraising efforts. We make sure to spend this money responsibly. The majority of our funds go directly to animal care (physical space, veterinary care, food, supplies, and animal care staff).